Polly Help in Slack

Voting & commenting in Slack

Answering a Poll

Voting on a poll is pretty straightforward – click on the button, and we’ll process your vote.  If the poll is not anonymous, then as soon as you vote your name will be tacked on to the real-time tally showing everyone your vote. In the anonymous case, we won’t show how you voted, but the count will still increase.

Some polls may allow you to “write-in” your vote. Once a poll has hit 10 options, the write-in option will be disabled, since we currently support at most 10 voting options.  When commenting is enabled, there will be an “Add Comment” button, allowing you to add comments directly in Slack. If the poll is anonymous, then your comment will be added with just an emoji; if the poll isn’t anonymous, we’ll include your username next to the comment.

If you’re voting in a DM channel, then we’ll mark a green checkmark next to your vote. If it’s in a channel, then we’ll simply increase the tally without adding a green checkmark.  Some polls may allow you to vote for multiple options; when that’s the case the poll will tell you that you can continue voting.

add in MC option in slack polly

Viewing how users voted

In the case where results are public, comments or user names may no longer fit in the limited space provided in Slack.  In these situations a View All Responses button will appear. Clicking on it will send you a private message with all the results expanded.  If you’re the author, you can also view those detailed results in your dashboard.

Taking a Survey

Once you start a survey, you’ll be guided through a series of questions in the survey. If results are meant to be public, then after you complete the survey, you’ll get a link to look at the results. Be sure to pay attention to whether surveys are anonymous or not (Polly will tell you that at the beginning of the survey!)

slack polly survey with commenting

Snoozing a Survey

If you get a survey, and you’re not ready for it, you can snooze it and set a reminder for yourself. Just pop open the drop down and ask to be reminded in 30 minutes, a few hours, or a few days.

Note: snoozing a survey/setting reminders is only available to Polly users on a paid plan. Learn more