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Viewing Results of Recurring Pollys

Know more about viewing recurring pollys results history & how you can organise the results.

Who can view historical results?

Free Plan 45 days polly history
Paid Plan Unlimited results & trend history 🎉

How to view the historical results for your recurring pollys

  1. Login to your web app
  2. Navigate to the Results Feed and select your recurring single or multi-question polly. 
  3. Here you can access the aggregate view of your polly. 
    You can see a full detail view of your recurring poll results including trend line of the averages of all of your votes to date (if you are on a paid plan) or the latest instance's results.
  4. Down below the trendline/latest instance is the History table, where you'll see all historical results for your recurring polly with their status and averages for each question.
history table

To view a particular instance and detail: just click on the desired Send Date.

This will pop open a window that will show you that pollys full results, including comments.


How to organise the results

  1. Tag them & mark favorites:
    Organize your polly results by starring ⭐ your most important pollys, or adding tags 🏷️ to filter different types of results. Click here for more details 
  2. Apply filters: 

    Slice and dice your data with filters for more insights about how your team responds to your polly. Click here for more details 

  3. Export results: 

    Exporting your polly results 📥 makes it easy to gain deeper insights and push to your dashboard of choice. Click here for more details