Benefits of a Polly Paid Plan

Are you thinking about upgrading to a paid Polly plan, but just unsure whether you should pull the trigger or not? Here's a few ways that upgrading to a paid plan will enable you to be more productive

Here are a few features that you unlock instantly once you are on the paid plan:
  1. Unlimited response limit
  2. Unlimited results history
  3. CSV exports 
  4. Polly sharing
  5. Advanced analytics through trend history, integrations, demographic filters etc 

Unlimited response limit
On the free plan you only have a response limit of 25 per month. You unlock unlimited response limit when you sign up for the paid plan. More around response limits can be found here

✏️Note: The free plan has an audience limit of 500 people for sending polly via DM. No such limit exists on the paid plans


Unlimited results history

On the free plan you only have history up to 45 days which means that your historical pollys data older than 45 days would not be available. A paid plan has no such duration limitation!


CSV exports

The exports are easily digestible, and gives you endless opportunities to do what you want with your data. Compare this month's performance to last month's, look at trends over time, and more!

You can export results on a per-question basis, recurring track basis, or a single one-off instance. We even make it easy for you export without having to leave Slack – exports are delivered straight to you in Slack, and are automatically stored and archived on the web dashboard so you’ll never lose track of it again. More around how to export can be found here


Polly sharing

This is the feature our paid users love the most 💙
You can share your Pollys such that your team member can edit it just the way you can! The Grant Dashboard Access let you do this instantly. You can also share your Polly results via link or within Slack also. A step by step guide on how to do this can be found here

✏️Note: If you want to grand dashboard access to anyone in your organization, make sure they are on Polly's paid plan


Advanced analytics

Our advanced analytics capabilities unlocks opportunities to uncover insights and trends within your organization. Besides just looking at raw historical data that comes with every plan, you also get access to how your historical data has been trending. These include:

💡Click here to upgrade or visit our pricing page for more details on the plan wise features