Polly Help in Microsoft Teams

Authoring & voting

Authoring from chat

There are a number of ways to start a poll in chat. Type one of the following into a channel:

  • @polly What should we order for lunch? pizza, sushi . In this example, the question needs to have a question mark, and the options should be comma separated
  • @polly What should we order for lunch? / pizza / sushi . In this example, the question and each poll option need to be separated by a forward slash
  • @polly “What should we order for lunch?” “pizza” “sushi” . In this example, the question and each option needs to be enclosed in double quotes

You’ll need to specify at least 2 options, and at most 10 options.

Authoring from the Polly tab

You can now create a poll from the Polly tab! 🎉

The new authoring experience comes with a bunch of new functionality:

  • Scheduling polls to send in the future
  • Multiple question types
  • Setting the duration of how long the poll stays open for
  • Advanced options (such as anonymity, multi-vote, hiding results, and enabling audience to add multiple options)

This new experience makes it incredibly easy to author polls in Microsoft Teams, without having to know all the syntax for creating directly from chat. You can still create polls from chat, but authoring from the tab is a much better and more intuitive experience.

New question types

  • Multiple choice
  • 1-to-5
  • Agree/Disagree
  • Open-ended

With multiple choice, you can add up to 10 options. For the other question types, you just need to specify the question.

Once you’ve configured all the other options and you’re ready to send, just hit Create Poll at the bottom and the poll will post back in the channel.