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Creating a Recurring Polly

How to create recurring single-question pollys right in Slack in just a few clicks

Recurring Polls or Surveys

Sending from Slack

To get started type in channel: /polly your question here 


/polly "Your question" "Voting Option A" "Voting Option B" 

To target a specific channel (or members of that channel) initiate the /polly "your question here"  command in that channel, and select the appropriate question type / voting choices. 

Next, hit Advanced Options to bring up the Scheduling option.

Recurring Polls 1


Then, just hit Schedule to configure your recurring polly and choose the recurring frequency of the question, from the drop down menu.

Recurring Polls 2

Then just hit Send to Channel when you’ve reviewed the polly summary. You can optionally elect to Send by DM* if you want users to get a notification when sending this polly out.

Note: Depending on what plan your team is on, your authoring controls in Slack or on the web UI may look a little bit different – some options are not available to free teams (such as Send by DM).

Additionally, recurring pollys are only available to users on a legacy paid plan or on Surveys plan and higher. Learn more

Authoring from the web app

To author a recurring polly from the web head over to the authoring page of the web app and fill out the form.

  • Choose the appropriate channel from the drop-down list.
  • Choose to make the question recur, and choose the frequency and time settings.
  • Add your question, customize any options, and you’re good to go!
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