Use the /polly command in Slack

The launching point to create a poll in Slack is to use the /poll or /polly command.

Question types

  • Multiple Choice: customized answer options
  • Agree/Disagree: 5 options ranging from Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree
  • 1-to-5 Scale: numerical answer options from 1 through 5
  • 0-to-10 Scale: NPS style, numerical answer options from 0 through 10
  • Open-ended: nothing to vote on, but just the ability to leave comments on the question.

Poll options

  • One vote max: disabling this option lets users vote on more than 1 option
  • Hide Results: By default we share the results in real-time with everyone directly in Slack. Hiding results keeps results private to the author only. Authors can view the results by logging into the scorecard, or by clicking on teh Analyze Results button in the author controls message from Polly.
  • Anonymous Voting: By default, polls are not anonymous, meaning everyone can see how others voted. Selecting this option makes the poll completely anonymous, even to the author & admins.
  • Commentable: lets users leave a comment. If the poll is anonymous, the comments are also anonymous. If the poll is not anonymous, then the comments are not anonymous.

One-time vs scheduled poll vs recurring

From the dropdown, you can also choose to schedule your poll, or to have your questions recur - that is ask this same question on a recurring basis at the same time every day/week/month/etc. If you choose to ask a recurring question, you’ll also need to pick the time/date you want the first poll to go out.

[pick schedule from dropdown]

Publishing options

  • Publish to channel: Will publish the poll directly in the channel
  • Publish via DM: will publish the poll via a direct message from Polly to the members of that channel.
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