Polly Trivia Quickstart Guide

Learn about Polly Trivia🎖️ in Slack through this quick guide on how it works, how to create and end a trivia game.

Polly Trivia🎖️ in Slack is a great way to engage your team with general knowledge questions in a variety of categories. Try playing trivia games once a week with your team during a social or lunch hour, to break out from normal work discourse. 

How to launch a Trivia Session:

There are 3 ways to launch a trivia session including:

  1. Polly app home

    By navigating to the polly app home on Slack, click on Get Started to view the social games options. From there you can Start Polly Trivia🎖️ game in your chosen channel.

    getting started
    start trivia game
  2. Polly web app

    Navigate to your polly web app dashboard > go to Templates > Work from Home category > Trivia. In this category you will see the options to all the social games i.e. Trivia, Hot Takes, Employee Awards

    Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 8.07.15 PM

Creating Trivia through the web app not only allows you to preview the questions in advance but also Shuffle the questions as well!

Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 8.13.12 PM

✏️Note: Social games including Polly Trivia can only be created from the web app for  🔒 private channels — if polly is invited in them. Also as per the current functionality, Trivia cannot be scheduled in advance or on a recurring basis.

3.  Slack Shortcuts

  1. Navigate to the shortcuts ⚡ button in Slack
  2. Select Run Trivia Game🎖️ under the Polly App options. A pop up will display to start a game of trivia.shortcuts slack
  3. Select which channel you would like to play trivia in.

    starting tivia game

  4. Next, select how many questions in the game, game speed and question categories.
    You can also choose to preview the trivia game before sending it to your Slack channel. 
    trivia question categories
  5. Once you have reviewed your trivia questions, if you choose to do so, you can Post and Start your game.
    start a game of trivia
  6. Confirmation of your game as well as an invitation to play, will be sent to the Slack channel you selected. 

trivia game starting


As the game is underway, you will notice a thread appear in your Slack channel. Polly will post the previously asked question as well as the correct answer, at 30 second intervals.

question sample

tivia question thread

Once the game has concluded, a fun gif will display along with a list of everyone’s scores. See how you and your teammates did, and then launch another round! 🎉

trivia results

How to End a Trivia Game:

If you’ve changed your mind or want to change something about the game of trivia, you can choose to end the game early, using the overflow menu in the game prompt. 

ending trivia game

✏️ Note: A trivia game can be played simultaneously by approx. 250 users