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Recurring surveys and trend history

Summary: Use /polly survey command to get started

Configuring your Recurring Survey

Use the /polly survey command, or navigate to the authoring page to start creating a recurring survey.  A recurring survey works just like like a regular survey, except that it goes out on a repeating schedule.

From the survey authoring page, fill out the form with all the questions and options you’d like.  Make sure to toggle the Recurring Survey option under Survey Type.  Once you’ve enabled that, you’ll also need to choose the frequency, and when you want it to go out.  If you choose weekly, starting on Thursday 9/28 at 1pm, then it will continue to run every Thursday at 1pm.

You also have the opportunity to configure automated reminders.

Creating a Rotating Pulse Survey*

When configuring your recurring survey, you also have the option of making the survey rotating. In the above example, that means that if you configure a 10 question survey and set it to rotate on a weekly frequency, every week Polly will take the next question queued up and ask that one only.

This allows for lightweight feedback collection while mixing up the questions you ask. A good use case is to take quarterly or yearly employee engagement surveys, and break them up into bite-size single question chunks. This lets you collect continuous feedback, and lets you evaluate those results over time.  Unfortunately, automated reminders don’t work at this time for Rotating Pulse Surveys.

*Recurring surveys and rotating pulse surveys are limited for Polly teams on a free plan. Learn more

Trend history for Recurring Polls/Surveys

Note: Trend history is only available for Polly teams on the Business tier. If you are on Starter or Free, then Trend History view is not accessible in your dashboard, just the standard bar charts. 

In your dashboard, the default view for ongoing recurring polls or surveys is a trendline of the responses collected thus far, and their averages.

Tip: you can filter your dashboard to just recurring polls/surveys for a less cluttered view.

To drill into the plot points and the averages, click on Poll Details, where you can click on each of the trendline view to see the average for the day, running average, and when you didn’t have any votes on the poll sent out (if applicable). If you have a recurring NPS poll, then it will also include the NPS score in the poll details.