Quickstart and FAQs

Welcome to Polly for in Microsoft Teams! Our mission is to make it take advantage of the Microsoft Teams platform to give you the best possible experience authoring, voting, and analyzing your polls and surveys. We will be iterating and improving the product daily, so if you have any feedback, please reach out to us!

Installing Polly

Instructions here.

Starting a Poll

There are a number of ways to start a poll. To quickly start a poll from the chat, type one of the following into a channel:

  • @polly What should we order for lunch? pizza,sushi . In this example, the question needs to have a question mark, and the options should be comma separated
  • @polly What should we order for lunch? / pizza / sushi . In this example, the question and each poll option need to be separated by a forward slash
  • @polly “What should we order for lunch?” “pizza” “sushi” . In this example, the question and each option needs to be enclosed in double quotes

You’ll need to specify at least 2 options, and at most 10 options.

To create an advanced poll from the Polly message extension or the Polly tab, instructions here.

Starting an anonymous poll

By default, all polls are not anonymous. To make a poll anonymous, simply check select the Anonymous setting under 'Audience Responses' during Authoring -- either from the Polly tab, or from the Polly message extension.

Deleting a Poll

Instructions here.

Viewing Results

Polly will dynamically update the results as they come in, right within the channel. To get a detailed view of all the polls, you can navigate to the Polly tab within your channel, or clicking on View Results from the Polly message extension. Don’t have a tab pinned to your channel? Go add one!

Getting Help

Navigate to your 1:1 chat with Polly, and click on the help tab. You could also try @polly help at any time as well. If all else fails, reach out to us!