Current Functionality

In the beta, we have the following capabilities:

  • Being able to author simple polls in channels
  • Voting in channels
  • Viewing real-time results in a dashboard (a tab in your channel) that lives within Microsoft Teams
  • Updating polls with live results instead of replying with your vote
  • Being able to delete polls
  • Being able to close polls

Upcoming Functionality

We’re quickly adding the ability to do the following:

Near term: * Allowing user to choose between anonymous and non-anonymous polls * Allowing the user to vote on more than 1 option

Mid term: * Different question types (1-5, Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree, 0 - 10 and more) * Recurring questions * Scheduling polls

Long Term: * Longer Surveys * Scheduling Surveys * Tracking team health (and comparing your results to the rest of the ecosystem)