Polly Help in Slack

Deleting, sharing, reminding, and other controls

Viewing Results

You can always view all your results on the dashboard. For quick access to results in Slack, use the /pollyresults command; find the poll you’re looking for from the drop-down to see results from polls you’ve authored.

Deleting Polls

Use /polly delete to delete a poll in Slack. Use the drop-down to find the poll you want to delete then hit the delete button.

delete poll in slack

Send out reminders*

Use /polly remind to send reminders on polls in Slack. Use the drop-down to find the poll you want to send a reminder for and send it out.

If the poll was sent by DM, then we’ll only remind those that haven’t voted. If the poll was sent to a channel, we’ll post a reminder in the channel, linking back to the original poll.

Closing a Poll

Use /polly close to close a poll immediately, or to schedule a close date/time.

closing poll slack

Sharing Results*

Use /polly share to share results from a poll with others.  Find the poll from the drop-down, then select the audience you’d like to share the results with.

You can also share results of a poll on the selected poll’s detail page, and then clicking on the Share button at the top right-hand corner – next, just select the audience of your choice.

If your team is on the Business plan, then you have additional options for sharing results back to your team. You can elect to share dashboard results for specific polls/surveys, with the option for Read-only access, or Read/Write access.

polly advanced sharing controls

Read-only (can view) access

This gives your teammate the ability to view all parts of the results in their own dashboard, but they are unable to modify it. This is a step up from viewing results in Slack, since it lives in their own dashboard.

Read/write (can manage) access

By granting read/write access to a user, this gives your teammate(s) the ability to not only view the results in their own dashboard, but as well as make any changes to it. This effectively makes them “co-author” of the poll or survey. For a recurring poll or survey, they are able to make changes to the configuration and questions. For one-off polls or surveys, they can delete the results.

Editing a Poll

We currently do not support editing a poll yet. The only workaround is to delete the poll first, then re-create it.

*Sending reminders, closing a poll for the future, and sharing results are only available to Polly users on a paid team. Learn more