Deleting, Sharing, Reminding, and Other Controls

Viewing Results

You can always view your results on the web app. For quick access to results in Slack, use the /polly results command; select the poll you’re looking for from the drop-down to see results from polls you’ve authored.

Other controls - results1

Deleting Polls

In Slack, use /polly delete to delete a poll. Use the drop-down to find the poll you want to delete then hit the delete button.

Other controls - delete2

Send out reminders*

In Slack, use /polly remind to send reminders on polls. Use the drop-down to find the poll you want to send a reminder for and send it out.

If the poll was sent by DM, then we’ll only remind users who haven’t voted. If the poll was sent to a channel, we’ll post a reminder in the channel, linking back to the original poll.

Other controls - remind3

Closing a Poll

In Slack, use /polly close to close a poll immediately, or to schedule a close date/time.

Command Close - Detailed View

Sharing Results*

In Slack, you can use /polly share to share results from a poll with others. Find the poll from the drop-down, then select the audience you’d like to share the results with.

Other controls - share4

From the web app, share the results of a poll by selecting it from the results page and
clicking on the … overflow menu in the top right corner.


From there, click on the Share button. You will be given the option to copy a link, or share the poll results directly to a Slack channel or user. You can also attach a comment to the results, allow access to anyone with the link to be able to view all instances of a recurring survey, or grant access and permissions to either view, or also manage a poll/survey.


Read-only (can view) access

This gives your teammates the ability to view all parts of the results in their own dashboard, but they are unable to modify it. This is a step up from viewing results in Slack, since it lives in their own dashboard.

Read/write (can manage) access

By granting read/write access to a user, this gives your teammate(s) the ability to not only view the results in their own dashboard, but as well as make any changes to it. This effectively makes them “co-author” of the poll or survey. For a recurring poll or survey, they are able to make changes to the configuration and questions. For one-off polls or surveys, they can delete the results.

Note: sharing is only available to teams on a paid Polly plan or those on a free trial. The option to allow others to manage a poll/survey (below) is only available on a Business plan.