How do you pronounce Polly?

Probably our most frequently asked question — is it pronounced like Pole-EE, or like the parrot, Paul-EE?

Polly is pronounced as Paul-EE 😁 hopefully, that settles the much-contested office debate once and for all!

Installing Polly

Click the button below.

Authoring a Poll

Use the /polly  command in Slack:

  • /polly When should we hold the meeting?  to author a poll.
  • /polly "When should we hold the meeting?" "9am" "10am" "11am"  with quotes to author a poll with the options populated by default.
  • /polly  followed by the enter key to get a link to author the poll from our web app, or to access some other poll control options
  • /yesno Are you coming to the holiday party  to author a quick thumbs-up, thumbs-down poll. Details here.

You can also author polls directly from the web app by going to your Dashboard and hitting the Create Poll button.

Authoring a Survey

To create more complex, multi-question surveys please use the web app. You can generate a link by typing /polly survey  and and following the link, or you can navigate directly to the authoring web app.

Poll & Survey Options

You have a number of options you can enable on polls or surveys – anonymity, keeping voting results or commenting either public or private, different question types, letting users write-in votes, and much, much more.  These options are available to you in Slack and from the web app.  More details on each of these options here:

Other Commands

Here’s a list of other commands available to you:

  • /polly help  to get some help
  • /polly feedback  to contact us
  • /polly survey  to bring up your past surveys (or to author a new one)
  • /polly template  to use a saved poll or survey template
  • /polly results  to see your poll results in Slack, or get a link to a dashboard of polls + surveys you’ve authored
  • /polly delete  to delete a poll you’ve created
  • /polly remind* to send a reminder to teammates
  • /polly share* to share poll results with a channel or a teammate
  • /polly close to close a poll
  • /polly recurring  to get a link to edit, update, or delete your recurring polls
  • /polly export * to export your poll or survey data

*these Slack commands are only available to Polly users on a paid plan. Learn more

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