Use the /poly command in Slack

The launching point to create a poll in Slack is to use the /poll or /polly command.

Create multiple choice polls from within Slack

Type something like /polly “When should we meet?” “10am” “11am” and hit enter. Select your options and hit Submit to Channel to publish the poll in the channel. slash poll

Create other question types from within Slack

Type something like /polly “On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to come to the all-hands meeting?” and hit enter.

You’ll be presented with selecting a question type. Once you’ve made that selection, choose your options for this poll and choose to publish the poll in your current channel, or publish it to the members of the current channel by sending it via DM.

scale poll author

Authoring a poll from the web UI

Type /polly and hit enter. You’ll get a link which will take you to the web UI where you can author any kind of poll, and choose amongst the various options.

Authoring open-ended questions

Right now open-ended questions can only be authored from the web. See above.

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