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George Dickson - June 03, 2020 -
15 Min Read

How Simple Questions Can Help Guide Your Return to Work

The world is anxious to get back to work, but getting there will continue to be a monumental challenge, even as cities and counties begin to open back up.

While returning to “business as usual” might still seem little more than hopeful at the moment, it’s never too early to start working toward a safe, strategic, and sustainable return to at least some of the norms we’ve come to expect in the workplace.

George Dickson - May 04, 2020 -
10 Min Read

25 Creative Staff Awards Your WFH Team Will Actually Want to Win

Traditional staff recognition awards like "Employee of the Month" and Employee of the Year" are usually given with good intent, but they can be problematic. 

George Dickson - April 08, 2020 -
5 Min Read

Introducing: Polly's Remote Essentials

It has been an unprecedented few weeks.

As we embark together on this remote work journey, it becomes more important than ever to maintain and strengthen the relationships we've built, despite the physical distance that separates us.

We spent days imagining how we might bring a more connected remote work experience to our team and to Polly users across the globe. Then we gathered all hands on deck, with every functional role on our global team leaning in to bring it to life.

George Dickson - April 01, 2020 -
10 Min Read

9 Simple But Meaningful Questions You Should be Asking WFH Employees

The past few weeks posed a tremendous challenge for people and organizations across the world. Employees whose jobs haven't vanished had their way of working upended in a matter of weeks or even days. 

George Dickson - March 19, 2020 -
18 Min Read

WFH Part II: How to Lead a Successful Remote Team

An unprecedented number of organizations across the world transitioned to a Work from Home (WFH) program on very short notice recently. What counts for “business as usual” changed completely in a matter of weeks, and that upending of routines presents an ongoing challenge for many leaders.

George Dickson - March 05, 2020 -
11 Min Read

WFH: How to Make Working from Home Work Better for You

Over the past several weeks, the world has experienced an unprecedented rise in employees Working From Home (WFH) -- many of whom are new to the experience. While working from home can be beneficial in many ways, navigating your first few days (or weeks) can be surprisingly challenging. 

That’s why we built this resource, where we’ll cover key areas like:

George Dickson - February 27, 2020 -
15 Min Read

10 HR Metrics the Most Successful Organizations Get Right

In this post, you’re going to cover some of the key metrics most successful organizations across the world track and work to improve.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why each of these metrics matter
  • how to gather and calculate the metrics yourself
  • Simple ways you can use that data to improve

Let’s get started!

George Dickson - February 12, 2020 -
9 Min Read

Is your company culture increasing employee motivation?

Is Your Company Culture Increasing Employee Motivation?

Company culture can be a potent source of motivation for your team or an equally powerful obstacle to it. Where does yours land, and how can you improve it?

George Dickson - January 29, 2020 -
13 Min Read

12 Questions to Ask Employees in Your Monthly Meetings

Successful leaders and organizations recognize the irreplaceable value of employee feedback and insights -- but it’s not always clear what to look for, how and when to gather those insights, or how to apply what you’ve gathered.

Don’t worry -- that’s what this guide is all about. 

George Dickson - January 22, 2020 -
12 Min Read

A Busy Slack Admin's Guide to Security

Is your Slack workspace secure?

Slack and other cloud-based collaboration tools make getting work done faster, more efficient, and often more enjoyable; however, new and revolutionary ways of working also require new considerations for both conduct and security.

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