Nhi Nguyen - November 28, 2017 -
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8 Surprising Stats That Show Employee Communication Counts More Than Ever (Infographic)

It’s 9:25am on a Friday and Sally Korprit, a hard-working, high-producing account executive is preparing for a meeting with a top prospect. As an over-achieving millennial, Sally is stressing over an email she received where the prospect inquired about a function that he says is a critical decision factor in his purchase. She sends an urgent Slack message to her product manager to confirm the feature for the sale.

Sally’s email chimes and she checks her phone before walking into her meeting with the prospect. Frustratingly, it’s just a company newsletter with a subject line about the upcoming office holiday party. Not the response she needed.

If Sally only knew that buried in the newsletter was an announcement of the feature as a key element of the next release. She could have high-fived the prospect when he welcomed her at the elevator. Instead, she settled for a serious handshake.

Does this situation seem all too familiar? Aside from missed sales opportunities, poor employee communications can wreak havoc on your customer service, employee turnover rates, project delivery deadlines, litigation costs and even shareholder returns.

If you're not fully convinced that employee communication matters to your organization, take a look at the following 8 statistics in the infographic below. In the next post, we'll discuss exactly how you can adapt your communications to be more interactive, engaging, and valuable to not only your organization's morale, but your bottom line as well.

Polly statistics why employee communication matters infographic


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