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Nhi Nguyen - February 07, 2020 -
4 Min Read

An update to Polly for Slack pricing + looking ahead to 2020

Since launching pricing plans back in March 2018, we’ve learned a lot about how you integrate Polly in your daily work. From small and simple use cases to large and complex, our pricing was meant to serve all the various ways you use Polly.


As it turns out, our pricing wasn’t always simple or straightforward for every team – especially as the needs and size of the team scaled in usage. Our mission is to make it radically easier for all teams to measure and act on the knowledge that drives their work – and in order to make that a reality, we needed to simplify our pricing to reflect how our users use our product day in and day out.

Nhi Nguyen - January 15, 2020 -
8 Min Read

8 Ways Employee Feedback Helps Define a Positive Company Culture

All companies possess their own unique workplace culture that shapes how things get done, how employees interact with one another, and how people behave. It’s a combination of the values, beliefs, vision, systems, and habits that an organization and its members share. But how do you ensure that culture is positive and authentic?

Nhi Nguyen - October 22, 2019 -
3 Min Read

Introducing an enhanced Standup experience, made possible by a complete Polly in Slack makeover

Commonly used in product development teams, daily standups can help any team get in alignment while working towards a common goal or deliverable. Here at Polly, we’re strong advocates of using daily standups (or daily check-ins) as a way to get a quick pulse on your team’s progress day-to-day.

Nhi Nguyen - February 13, 2019 -
5 Min Read

New year, new Polly: updated authoring experience in Slack, image polls, and more

With Slack's Developer Platform launching Block Kit today, a new design framework that give Slack apps (like us) more visual flexibility and more control over message layout structure, it was a no-brainer that we wanted to utilize these new features to build a more interactive and visually rich Polly experience in Slack.

Nhi Nguyen - October 25, 2018 -
5 Min Read

Introducing Workflows + REST API to automatically collect feedback at scale in Slack

Time-based polls and surveys are great and all, but what if there was a way that you could programmatically send polls/surveys and pull results without having to go in and manually do it every time?

Nhi Nguyen - October 03, 2018 -
4 Min Read

Slack Frontiers Recap: Measuring your TOMO with Polly

What a long but exhilarating two days it's been at Frontiers! Some of the Polly team went out to San Francisco and most recently New York for Slack's annual user conference, Frontiers.

Nhi Nguyen - August 08, 2018 -
4 Min Read

Making it easier to share, consume, and engage with your data

Being able to create polls and surveys in Slack to quickly gather feedback is one thing –– but being able to collaborate and share on some of your most important information is vital to keeping your team humming along and working more efficiently. Over at Polly, we've been working hard to make it easier to share, collaborate, consume, and engage with your peers day-to-day.

Nhi Nguyen - May 23, 2018 -
3 Min Read

Picking favorites: ranking and point allocation polls are here! 

Whether you're reviewing design changes, ranking your top location choices for your next team retreat, or finalizing departmental budget line items, ranking your choices and assigning numerical values to your poll options is an easy and effective way to determine preferences. Having the ability to rank options or allocate points in a poll was one of our most requested features, and we're so happy to announce that it's finally available for paid plans. If you're not already on a paid plan, start a free 30-day trial today to try out rank and point allocation polls – we'd love to hear what you think!

Nhi Nguyen - May 07, 2018 -
3 Min Read

Getting more value out of Polly with updated pricing model

We’ve made some adjustments to Polly's pricing model

Polly has made a significant change to the pricing to more accurately reflect the value our beloved users get from the tool. We've moved to fixed pricing instead of pricing based on workspace size.
Visit our new pricing page to learn more.

Nhi Nguyen - March 18, 2018 -
4 Min Read

Customize your dashboard with advanced filters

Whether you're creating surveys for just your team or for your whole organization, there's a pretty good chance that you'd want to take a look at your results through different lens. While having all results display is important for a high-level overview, sometimes it's helpful to filter and compartmentalize your results. You may even find that you uncover insights that you wouldn't have been able to see before with the raw results.

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