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Cultivating ownership and transparency with sharing permissions

For important company-wide results for a survey, there's a good chance that other people in your company will need access to it, too. Now you can share out the most important results with 3 different

Product Updates

Introducing result sharing permissions 

For important company-wide results for a survey, there's a good chance that other people in your company will need access to it, too. Some examples would be your supervisor, investors, department head, or your cross-functional project lead. We strive to continuously foster the same culture of openness and transparency that Slack is ubiquitous with – which is what Polly aims to do by increasing the ability to share out important results to your stakeholders.

You can share certain results to just about anyone on your team, without having to make them a full admin of Polly – meaning they only see what's pertinent to them. And if you happen to have multiple survey administrators working on the same initiative, but they don't need access to all of your other poll/survey results? You can grant them permissions to not just view results on their on dashboard, but give them the ability to modify/delete the poll/survey themselves – it's as if they're your co-author.

How does sharing permissions work?

You can configure the level of access for sharing certain results either in Slack, or on the web-app. Sharing results in Slack hasn't changed since prior this feature launch, so we will go ahead and skip forward to what's new and shiny on the web app. As a reminder, you can initiate sharing results in Slack to an individual member or channel, but if you'd like to grant individual members specific dashboard access to the poll/survey, you'll have to head on over to the web app in order to do that.

Sharing on the web

To begin, navigate to the desired poll or survey results in your Polly web dashboard that you'd like to share with a colleague. By hovering over the poll/survey, you should see the 'share' button which pops open a window that lets you configure the level of permission for sharing the poll or survey out for an individual member or multiple members. The one limitation to specific dashboard access for results is that you currently cannot designate entire channels dashboard access. There are 3 levels of permissions that you could elect:

  1. Share in Slack
  2. Read-only access
  3. Read/write access

Share in Slack

This is essentially the same functionality as using the /polly share command in Slack – the results will show up to the specified channel or member, but that's about all the access that they have.

Read-only access

sharing survey results in polly dashboard

This level of access is a step up from sharing in Slack – the poll/survey is going to appear in the specified person's own dashboard feed, given that they were granted read access to your survey. It'll look like any normal poll/survey results for their own poll/survey they have authored, but the one caveat is that they are not able to edit or delete the poll, just viewing.

Read/write access 

Similarly to read-only access but one additional step above, yet one step below full admin privileges. The user that's granted read/write access can not only access the results in their dashboard, but also be able to modify or even disable/delete the poll/survey if they so please. This is typically ideal for coworkers taking lead on one initiative, your supervisor, etc.

Note: sharing permissions in Slack and via the web is currently only available for Polly teams on a paid plan. To learn more/upgrade, visit our plans and pricing page

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