Last modified
January 1, 2020

To support delivery of our services, Polly may use data processors with access to certain customer data (referred to as subprocessor). For such purposes, we will provide information about the identity, location, and role of each subprocessor.

Third Party Subprocessors

Polly uses several third-party subprocessors to provide infrastructure services, customer support and relationship management, performance analytics, and email communications. Prior to use of any of these third-party services, Polly conducts a thorough evaluation of their privacy, security, and confidentiality practices before implementing them.

Entity Name


Subprocessing Activity


Entity Country


Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Cloud Service Provider
United States
Heap, Inc.
Cloud-based Analytics Provider
United States
Intercom R&D Unlimited Company
Cloud-based Customer Communication Provider
United States
FrontApp, Inc.
Cloud-based Email and Ticket Management System
United States
Mailgun Technologies Inc.
Cloud-based Email Notifications
United States
MongoDB, Inc.
Cloud Database
United States
HubSpot, Inc. Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management
United States
Stripe, Inc.
Cloud-based Payment Infrastructure Provider
United States