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Understand what benefits matter most to your workforce

The goal of this template is to allow an employer to quickly survey the value their benefits package is providing their team right now. Typically, an employer issues a large, company-wide survey to determine the effectiveness of their benefits package once per year. The annual survey tries to measure how well the HR department has communicated the benefits offering, how educated their employees are on their options, and how effective the benefits package is based on employee needs. 

The HR Benefits Survey focuses on the latter of these objectives, allowing HR and team managers to quickly get a measure (like "pulse" surveys) of employees' perspective on the effectiveness of the current benefits package and helps HR decision making on where to allocate resources.

Template Questions:

  • Health / dental / vision aside, select the top 3 most important benefits to you
  • What are the 3 least important benefits to you
  • Of those less important benefits currently sponsored, which would you be willing to exchange for new benefit offerings?
  • Which current benefit do you wish you had greater company sponsorship or cost coverage for
  • What new benefit/perk do you wish you had that is not currently being offered?
  • What remote work benefits matter most to you?
  • Considering back to work phasing and structure, what workspace scenarios would be of highest preference?
  • Would you be willing to exchange less than 5% of your base salary for the equivalent amount in more company-sponsored benefits?
  • Health / dental / vision aside, would you prefer if your employer gave you a fixed amount of money for benefits every year and you directed towards different benefits of the highest value to you?
  • How satisfied were you with how your company adjusted your benefits package in response to changed work conditions due to COVID-19?
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