You want to measure custom stuff.
We'll help you do just that.


Programmatically send surveys

Trigger your surveys off of your own mission-critical events — they can be customized to your liking and be delivered at the right moment, to the right people.

Workflows In Action

Programmatically push results into your own systems

Connect your results to your internal systems and dashboard to update automatically, so you can make better data-driven decisions without the painful data entry.

Be in total control of survey triggers with webhook actions

Weave programmatic feedback into your internal apps and workflows

Are you truly measuring your day-to-day activities? Build meaningful, feedback-driven workflows around the stuff you care about and want to measure.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Google Sheets

Push results over to Google Sheets in real-time with only the information that you need


Connect Polly to any of your favorite tools in a few simple steps — no coding required

Google Calendar

Whenever a Google Calendar event has ended, your attendees are automatically served a survey


Get a quick pulse on the performance of your IT team by collecting real-time feedback on IT support tickets


For every deal resolution, you'll get immediate feedback that will accelerate your sales process

Jira Software Blue

Whenever a sprint closes in Jira, team members automatically get a post-mortem survey on how the sprint went

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