Anyone can build a workflow in just a few clicks

Our do-it-yourself workflow builder is made to be super simple for even the busiest of people.



How it works

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API Diagram
Polly HR

Integrate into your processes

Polly workflows make it easy to build a feedback-driven workflow around new or existing Slack processes, so that everything is centralized in Slack. That way, you get the right feedback from the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

Polly on Slack

Automate feedback at scale

Set it and forget it: pick the trigger that’ll set your workflow into action. Then, set up the surveys to collect from your colleagues. With workflows running in the background, you can really focus on what matters most.

Workflow Dashboard Animation

Iterate and improve

Workflow results give you the data you need to see at a high-level so you can make better-informed decisions and uncover ways to iterate and improve your workflow processes.

A completely re-imagined dashboard, just for your workflow


High-level overview

Gain actionable insight into how your workflow is performing over time compared to the previous period


Workflow Activity

Monitor your workflow's activity — see who hasn't taken the survey or when/why participation drops off


Workflow Analysis

Drill into each survey's results for deeper analysis, filtered or grouped by the demographic data or metadata that matters most to you

Work smarter, not harder

Say goodbye to busy-work: automate the feedback you need on your mission-critical workflows today