Things you can only do through the Polly Dashboard

While most of Polly features are accessible from within Slack, there are some features which are only available on the Polly Dashboard such as Google sheets integration, creating certain polly types etc

The features that can only be used or accessed through the Polly Dashboard include:

  1. Creating Emoji Rank, Point Allocation & Ranking Order Polly. These 3 polly question types can only be created through the web app dashboard. More on the available question types here
  2. Resend, Re-open or Save a Polly. You can Resend your open polly or Re-open a closed polly if you are looking for more responses. Even more so, you can Save a polly as Template so you don't have to build it again from scratch. More here
  3. Creating Rotating Pollys. While you can create Recurring Pollys from within Slack, a Rotating Polly requires you to create it through the Web App Dashboard. Rotating pollys are pollys that go out on a rotating basis. Example, if you configure a 10 question polly and set it to rotate on a weekly frequency, every week Polly will take one question (in the order of creation) and send only that to the audience. More here
  4. Viewing Results of Recurring Pollys. The results view for the recurring pollys is much more elaborate in the Web App Dashboard. More here
  5. Edit, Delete, Duplicate & Share your created Templates. This can also be only done through the web app. More on this here. This also includes using polly for running your daily Standups
  6. Using Social Games (Hot Takes, Trivia, Employee Awards) in Private Channels. For public channels, you can setup Hot Takes, Trivia & Employee Awards from within Slack. However, for running these Social Games in Private Channels, they will have to setup from the Web App Dashboard, after adding polly to the private channel
  7. Shuffle Trivia & Employee Awards questions. You can preview the questions and shuffle them as well to find the most fun ones!
  8. Google Sheets Integration. By integrating Google Sheets with a polly, the polly results automatically go to the sheet. More here
  9. Sharing Pollys. While Polly results can be shared from within Slack through /polly share command, for sharing the pollys (so that your team members can also manage it just the way you can), you need to use the Grant Dashboard Access feature. More here
  10. Organising Results. The Web App Dashobard allows for much for extensive features while viewing & organising your results. These include: Applying filters to results, Favorites & Tagging pollys for better categorisation, Using Crosstabs to display the relationship between two or more polly questions, Uploading Demographics for Confidential pollys etc
  11. Workflows. These are automated Pollys that go out automatically everytime the trigger criteria that you have set is met. Example, if the trigger is a certain emoji reaction on a message within a specific channel, every time that emoji is used as a reaction to a message, it will kick off the workflow.  More around setting up, results view, JIRA Service Desk Integration can be found here
  12. Subscription Management. If you want to view or update billing information, upgrade or cancel your plan, then it can done through your Polly Account Settings. More here

💡 Having difficulty logging in to the Dashboard? This might help!