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Icebreakers 101: Trivia Questions for Work Meetings

These sample trivia questions for work meetings can inspire you and your team. Start with questions about teammates, then trivia topics everyone enjoys.


Different people with different interestsVirtual meetings need a bit of fun to keep the energy up and avoid distractions. More remote teams are looking for ways to build employee engagement but feel somewhat limited to the confines of the computer screen. Enter: trivia questions for work meetings. 

Team members love fun trivia questions because they allow you to get out of your regular workday and learn about current events or pop culture from your coworkers. This helps to reintroduce an element of team bonding and personalization that so many people feel is missing from online meetings. 

Below, we'll explain why trivia helps boost team productivity and engagement with some sample trivia ideas to share with your team meeting.

Why we love trivia questions for work meetings

We've all heard the silent groan that creeps over the group when the words "team-building activities" are mentioned. No one wants to participate in a virtual improv class with their boss.

Quiz questions are ideal because everyone feels like they're playing a game rather than being forced to participate in generic icebreakers. Trivia questions for work meetings encourage healthy competition and help to replace traditional ways of in-person bonding with remote collaboration

How to introduce trivia games to the team

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When crafting the ideal trivia for your next team meeting, make sure the categories are broad enough to engage all team members:

1. Warm-up round: Get to know your teammates

The warm-up round should be relaxed and focused on get-to-know-you trivia questions. 

Ask each member to send their answers on random topics in advance so you can use their responses to craft a general-knowledge quiz session that includes all teammates.

Some warm-up trivia questions for work meetings might be:

  • What was Victor’s favorite (or least favorite) subject in high school?
  • Two truths and a lie: Ask them to list two bizarre fun facts and one that isn't true so that the rest of the group has to guess which is fact and which is fiction.
  • Which celebrity has Russell always wanted to meet?
  • Which Disney cartoon character does Serena identify with the most?

Use the information to create a multiple choice quiz in Polly. Limit the quiz to 4-5 questions so the team stays tuned in and engaged.

2. Choose topic areas for your team

Once the mood starts to relax, you can broaden your scope to include more general trivia topics. 

There are no rules outside of general workplace appropriateness. We've included just a few sample questions for each of the most popular topics that are commonly used among teams:

Historical fashion trends

Adding the historical component is key. Not everyone is a fashionista, but most people can recognize past trends and famous references. Think about the production of materials and the countries they originate from. This brings in another fascinating layer (pun intended)!

  • What era was famously known for the flapper girl style?
  • Which country was shoe designer Manolo Blahnik born in?
  • The lederhosen is a traditional dressing for which country?


Sports-related trivia

It helps when the trivia broadly references sports that everyone has played or watched before. Avoid the temptation to show off very particular or niche knowledge. Remember, the goal of trivia questions for work meetings is to include everyone.

  • What does each of the colored rings represent in the Olympics symbol?
  • In basketball, how many points is a free-throw worth?
  • Which country won the World Cup in 2006?


Film and TV show references or quotes

Some teams may regularly bond over the latest episode of their favorite TV shows. If everyone’s interested in “The Sopranos,” feel free to have a quiz dedicated to related trivia.  Otherwise, keep questions focused on the most well-known productions and actors.

  • What was the name of the boat in “Jaws?”
  • What is the famous controversy surrounding the ending of the movie “Titanic?”
  • Which (still alive) TV actress has the longest acting career?


Geography questions 

Questions about the world can be incredibly engaging and inclusive, especially if you have a globally distributed team. 

  • What famous and fruit-based nickname is given to the American city of New York?
  • What is the other name for the Northern Lights?
  • Which country has 11 countries along its border?


Riddles and brain teasers

These are the types of questions they ask you at interviews for places like Google and LinkedIn. 

  • Name four days that start with the letter “T.”
  • Which number multiplied by itself produces the answer 12345678987654321?
  • Name the only rock group made of four men who do not sing.

They’re mostly frustrating, but the 'aha moment' when the answer is revealed makes for a good laugh and fantastic virtual team building.

What’s the scoop with work-related trivia?

When it comes to trivia questions for remote work meetings, most topics are fair game. Work-related trivia can help a new employee learn about the company or industry in a fun way. That said, sometimes it's better to take a breather from work and focus on pop culture or sports.

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3. Encourage the team to make their own quizzes

This is a bonus for engagement, since your team will learn about their coworkers’ interests based on the team quizzes they create. Plus, the person making the quiz will lead the activity and take ownership and pride in doing so. 

Encourage team members to get creative with presenting the quiz. For instance, they can give clues through pictures or sound bites. 

Play empowers work

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We used to consider playing the opposite of working and therefore not productive. But that's not really the case. Use trivia to enjoy your time as a team. It can create a lighter atmosphere that can help team members with focus, communication, and a greater sense of camaraderie. 

Remote workplace culture has created a host of new challenges, but there are many opportunities and new tools to discover along the way too. 

Polly makes it easier for your team to connect and stay connected. Try out Polly trivia in Teams or Slack and see how playing together can benefit your business. With automated score-keeping, fun gifs, and emojis, it makes your trivia time easy and even more fun.


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