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Auth0 provides an enterprise-grade platform that secures billions of log-ins every year. The company makes it easy to implement even the most complex identity solutions for their web, mobile, IoT and internal applications, as well as sophisticated identity management for employees, customers and partners.

Thousands of enterprises and millions of users worldwide depend on Auth0 for authentication and authorization of their most mission-critical apps, APIs and IoT devices.


The Challenge

After Auth0 migrated to Slack, they were in the market for a quick and easy polling solution that was Slack-user-friendly. Auth0 made the realization early on that Slack was not only used just for team communication, but it was also where ad hoc departmental workflows happened. They were previously using Google Forms as a third-party solution, but it often meant a longer process to create and participation rates were less-than-ideal.

The Solution

Polly was one of the first polling and survey apps that existed in Slack's app directory, and as a result has become more robust than its alternatives. Auth0 utilizes Polly for general one-off polls, scheduled recurring surveys across multiple disciples, and organizational-wide surveys directly in Slack.

Originally implemented as a simple solution for general polling that was easy and worked well with Slack, usage over time has evolved to be more complex and aimed to uncover insights and trends. This increase of usage over time allows Auth0 to make changes and act on processes as necessary.


The Result

"For Work Health Index monthly surveys, it helps a lot in terms of the increased participation and time-management savings. It's been a great tool for our monthly surveys." 

- Ariel, Customer Success

Polly makes it incredibly easy for the Auth0 team to engage in surveys much faster than traditional methods, without the context switch. Auth0 has saved tons of time by using Polly in Slack for their simpler polls and surveys - it's much easier to author polls and surveys, and sending them off to their team is instantaneous.

From an analytics perspective, their data can be segmented automatically by department, team, or hire date; aggregated by quarter percentages or raw counts, or compared to ecosystem benchmarks. For Auth0, it’s not just the number of polls, but what they do with the output that has become invaluable.

The Auth0 team still uses Google Forms on occasion for long and complicated surveys or customer-facing surveys but for everything else, Polly wins in terms of participation and ease of use. They see an average participation of 75% for Polly, and at a much faster completion rate compared to Google Forms.

For the monthly recurring surveys that look at employee morale and health, Polly has become invaluable in the data it provides. It gives Auth0 a trend analysis and the shifts in behavior that occur month over month. Having the ability to dig into Employee Health survey results gives them a sense of what is at risk, and the power to drive the right changes.

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