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Intellitonic is an elite digital marketing agency in the Pacific Northwest. They’re a small team of ten full-time employees and rotating interns, all of whom work in, around, and out of the office. Because of the fast-pace of marketing & their mission to serve non-profits, efficiency is huge for them and the causes they support.


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The founders of Intellitonic understood that people have different preferences on when, where, and how they work (they have a few early birds and a few night owls, some who like to work from the office while others prefer a coffee shop, and some who get all their work done in one sitting while others like to break their day up). This is one way they maximize their efficiencies, by offering a flexible work environment.

However, polling the group on decisions big and small was cumbersome -- emails, text messages, phone calls, interrupting someone deep in thought in-person, etc.


Luckily, Intellitonic also relied on Slack. What is Slack? It’s a cloud-based team collaboration tool. Companies that use Slack, like Intellitonic, maximize efficiencies by cutting down on communication bloat (think long emails, group texts, etc.)

An intern came across Polly, a custom polling tool to trick out Slack channels.

In just a few minutes, Intellitonic added to their Slack channel and everyone started coming up with all sorts of polls from “Where do we want to eat lunch?” to “Do we want to replace our reporting tool with something else?” and “On a scale of 1-5, 5 being in-love, how much do you love polly?”.


Overall, Intellitonic was able to further increase their company efficiencies with the Slack poll add-on.

Intellitonic loves that any Slack user can create their own Polly poll - whether they’re an intern or full-time team member.

Best of all, they’re already in Slack all day, every day. In other words, they don’t have to switch between platforms (e.g. Doodle), hop onto email, or interrupt people in person while they’re meeting and beating deadlines.

In less than 3 years, Intellitonic has worked with clients in every business category to produce some stellar results, from a 300% increase in traffic, a 40% increase in online conversion rates, and 165% increase in Google search rankings.

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