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Bring People Together With These Team-Building Trivia Questions

Team-building trivia questions can help everyone relax and get to know one another. Get inspired with these questions about sports, entertainment, and more.

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Team building trivia questions: Polly game show concept

Whether a team member is an expert on science or loves to geek out over music, trivia quizzes can give teams a refreshing way to bond and relax. 

Let’s explore why trivia quizzes are such great team-building activities and how to find the ideal team-building trivia questions for your next game. 

Why trivia quizzes are great for team-building

There’s something so satisfying about guessing an answer correctly — especially if it’s not a topic you know that well. Apart from being fun to play, here are some other great reasons to consider trivia quizzes as part of your team-building activity list. 

A team-building trivia quiz can be: 

  • 🏖️ Relaxing: They help everyone take a break from the hectic workday.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Inclusive: Trivia quizzes give everyone an easy way to get involved online.
  • 🤝 Collaborative: The activity can encourage team members to suggest topics or quiz themes — you can even ask for volunteers to create quiz questions!
  • Welcoming: This is a great icebreaker for new virtual team members.
  • 📝 Adaptable: Trivia questions can work as a warm-up before a town hall meeting, a Friday afternoon tradition, or a virtual work party.
  • ✔️ Useful: Your team can build teamwork and problem-solving skills with this mini team-building event.

While some people might think of a trivia quiz as light fun, we know they’re so much more than that. Encourage your team members to take a break, relax, work together, and find out who knows the most with a little friendly competition. 

How to create your team-building trivia questions

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A quiz is only as great as its questions, so spend time searching for the ideal team-building trivia questions. Before you put together a final list, here are some key points to consider. 

Keep in mind: 

  • 🌎 Location and culture: To make things inclusive, avoid too much regional pop culture. 
  • 🎵 Tastes and interests: Plan quiz questions around your team members’ passions — like a sport, country, or favorite cuisine — for a more personalized experience.
  • 🐶 Themes: Host a general-knowledge trivia game, or plan a themed quiz for a holiday or special event.
  • 😊 Purpose: Think about whether this is a defined team-building exercise or part of your team culture going forward.

A bonus of planning trivia quizzes: Finding questions that really suit your team members and what they enjoy can be a great way to get creative and take a break from your usual routine. 

Team building trivia questions: screenshot of Polly inside Slack

Team-building trivia question examples

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Taking part in a lively team-building trivia quiz can feel like you’re on your very own game show. Bring some of that fun and enthusiasm to life with questions that challenge and intrigue your team members. 

To help you build the ultimate list of team-building trivia questions, take a look at our favorite questions. You’ll find questions and answers for different categories — from general knowledge to entertainment — all with the correct answer alongside. 

General knowledge

Want to add some general knowledge quiz questions to your game? Here are some easy ones to get you started, plus a few unique questions your team members might not know. 

Q: How many cards make up a hand in the game of Poker?

A: Five cards

Q: Which game might you play after a traditional wedding in Hong Kong?

A: Mahjong

Q: Which constellation is also known as “The Queen”?

A: Cassiopeia

Q: How many spaces are there on the board of the game Monopoly?

A: 40 spaces

Q: What type of meat would you traditionally find in a coq au vin?

A: Chicken

Q: Who invented the color wheel?

A: Sir Isaac Newton


Make room for a cute and fuzzy round at your next trivia quiz with these animal-themed questions and answers. 

Q: Which animal was the first to be domesticated by humans? 

A: Dogs 

Q: What would you call a mammal that carries its young in a pouch?

A: Marsupial 

Q: What’s the national animal of Canada?

A: Beaver

Q: What’s the fastest land snake in the world?

A: Black mamba

Q: What’s the smallest dog breed in the world?

A: Chihuahua

Q: Which cat breed doesn’t have a tail?

A: Manx


Sports trivia questions can be challenging, as you often need to pinpoint dates or numbers. Here’s a handful of questions for the sport fans on your team:

Q: When was the first Wimbledon tournament held?

A: 1877

Q: Which sport features in the film Bring It On?

A: Cheerleading

Q: What type of race is the Le Mans?

A: Car

Q: What’s the most popular sport in the Netherlands?

A: Soccer

Q: How long is an Olympic sized swimming pool?

A: 50 meters 

Q: What does the NBA stand for?

A: National Basketball Association

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History, culture, and geography

See which of your team members knows the most about the world of today and years past. Take inspiration from these history, culture, and geography questions: 

Q: What’s Napa Valley known for?

A: Wine

Q: What’s the capital of New Zealand?

A: Wellington

Q: What was the Greek goddess Demeter known for? 

A: Agriculture

Q: Which sea does the River Thames flow into? 

A: The North Sea

Q: Which European country was the first to give women the right to vote?

A: Finland

Q: What’s the smallest country in the world?

A: Vatican City


Ending your trivia quiz with something super light and engaging is always a great idea. Use these trivia questions to help you put together a fun entertainment round for your team:

Q: Which ocean does the film “Life of Pi” take part in?

A: The Pacific Ocean

Q: Which comedic actor starred in 1994 film The Mask?

A: Jim Carrey

Q: Which arcade game did Mario first appear in?

A: Donkey Kong

Q: What are the names of the dwarves in Disney’s Snow White?

A: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey

Q: How much did the movie “Titanic” cost to make?

A: $200 million

Q: Which teen TV show did music artist Drake star in?

A: Degrassi

Want to avoid the planning stage and just start playing? Use Polly Trivia to quickly set up a super engaging virtual trivia game within Slack or Microsoft Teams. It has all the features and interactivity you need, plus lots of fun pre-built trivia questions and answers.

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You can choose the categories, number of questions, time limit for answers, and which channel you want to host the game in. You can preview the questions beforehand or leave them as a surprise so you can play along with the team. 

Host and play lively team-building trivia quizzes with Polly

We love the idea of hosting trivia quizzes as part of your weekly routine so your team members can unwind, relax, and get to know each other better. To get started, you can use this list of team-building trivia questions to get inspiration for your quiz categories. 

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Or, if you want to speed things up and simplify the whole process, let Polly Trivia handle the questions and technical side of running a trivia quiz while you relax and take part.

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Try Polly for free to instantly run team-building trivia games.

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