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50 Unique and Intriguing Would You Rather Questions for Work

Check out these fun would you rather questions for work, and then learn about a work engagement tool that makes it easy to send out team icebreakers.

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Employees answering would you rather questions for work

Would you rather questions aren’t just for your family holiday party or getting to know a new friend or partner. They also work perfectly in the workplace.

These seemingly random and fun questions can actually help you discover valuable insights into what your team members like or dislike, both when it comes to how your workplace operates and other aspects of life — like their dreams, hobbies, or interests.

In this guide, we’ll discover:

Let’s jump in to find out why these types of questions are worth asking, and get inspiration on some fun and interesting prompts you can give.

Why would you rather questions are ideal for team building

Team enjoying different activities

Asking a would you rather question might feel simple on the surface, but these fun poll questions are packed with hidden depth.

Introducing a habit of asking would you rather questions for work can result in benefits like:

  • 📣 Improved team communication
  • 🤝 Greater sense of togetherness
  • 😃 Higher employee morale
  • 🏆 Improved problem solving, communication, and debating skills
  • 🌍 Greater understanding of each other’s unique personalities and needs
  • 🎉 More positive work environment and employee relations

Maybe it’s time to introduce some of these questions into your team meetings, daily stand up meetings, or asynchronous communication channels?

50 of the best would you rather questions for work

Ready to start asking these team icebreaker questions, but not sure where to start? We’ve brought together all of our favorite would you rather questions for work so you can skip the hard part and get straight to finding out more about your coworkers.

Would you rather questions about work 💻

Remote employee answering would you rather questions for work online

Would you rather questions are often fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also use them to capture insights about your team members’ ideal workplace. Here are some of the best would you rather questions about work.

1. Would you rather work in the office or remotely?
2. Would you rather lead a team or be part of one?
3. Would you rather bring your own lunch in every day or buy takeout?
4. Would you rather climb a career ladder or make your own path?
5. Would you rather start an office club or join an existing one?
6. Would you rather throw an office party or host a virtual celebration?
7. Would you rather learn new skills or master your existing ones?
8. Would you rather work part time or full time?
9. Would you rather speak at a conference or be part of the audience?
10. Would you rather have a long commute or a long work day?
11. Would you rather have a bigger salary or the chance of higher bonuses?
12. Would you rather work from an office in the big city or somewhere more remote?
13. Would you rather work a standard schedule or a more flexible one?
14. Would you rather work in a quiet or vibrant space?
15. Would you rather have an early start or start work later?
16. Would you rather have your own wellness budget or specific memberships paid for?
17. Would you rather lead a startup or be CEO of an established company?
18. Would you rather have a dress code or wear whatever you like?
19. Would you rather have your dream job or your dream home?


Would you rather questions to get to know your coworkers 🚴

Team remotely welcoming a new employee

Sometimes you want a thought-provoking question that’ll help you learn more about your coworker’s interests, passions, or everyday life. That’s where these team bonding conversation starters come in.

20. Would you rather travel the whole Earth or travel into space?
21. Would you rather eat the same meals for the rest of your life or a completely different meal every day?
22. Would you rather live by the sea or in the mountains?
23. Would you rather watch a live concert or a movie at the theater?
24. Would you rather take a road trip or travel by plane?
25. Would you rather act in or produce a TV show?
26. Would you rather start a new hobby every month or have the same one for years?
27. Would you rather become famous or live life outside the limelight?
28. Would you rather travel Europe or America?
29. Would you rather learn a musical instrument or learn a new language?
30. Would you rather hire a personal chef or a personal trainer?
31. Would you rather give up your favorite TV show or your favorite food?
32. Would you rather be forced to use emojis in every message or never use them again?
33. Would you rather be a social media influencer or a behind-the-scenes specialist?
34. Would you rather take part in the Olympics or a TV talent competition?
35. Would you rather have a hidden superpower or be known for your greatness?
36. Would you rather keep your cell phone or your computer?
37. Would you rather spend Christmas in New York or Paris?


Would you rather questions just for fun 🦸

Team answering would you rather questions for work online

Forget about work, the big stuff, and hobbies for a moment. Use these funny would you rather questions to encourage light-hearted debates over the truly serious matters.

38. Would you rather eat ice cream or pizza?
39. Would you rather be Batman or Superman?
40. Would you rather have a terrible job or a terrible apartment?
41. Would you rather have bacon- or broccoli-flavored toothpaste?
42. Would you rather live in a haunted house or a zombie outbreak zone?
43. Would you rather have bad breath or bad hair?
44. Would you rather eat breakfast or dessert for every meal?
45. Would you rather build a treehouse or an underground lair?
46. Would you rather be the smartest or the strongest?
47. Would you rather be everyone’s best friend or their arch nemesis?
48. Would you rather be able to speak to dogs or cats?
49. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
50. Would you rather always be hot or always be cold?


A better way to ask would you rather questions for work

Create a polly feature

These would you rather questions for work are definitely worth trying, but how do you turn this into a habit? With the right internal communications tools, of course!

Polly can help you create a culture of trust, fun, and togetherness by making it easy to send questions to team members and get their opinions. Our polls and surveys (which we call pollys!) make the process of answering questions and polls fun — with interactive, easy-to-use surveys that can take place in spaces your team already uses like Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Quickly author polls, send them to specific channels, and engage your team members with fun would you rather questions. Send these pollys whenever you feel inspired, or schedule them to create a habit around asking new would you rather questions, playing hot takes, or hosting office games on a regular basis.

Bring your team together with fun trivia questions

Would you rather questions give you a fun and creative way to get to know the people you work with. Use this guide to help you discover why this team building activity is so useful, then get inspiration on exactly what to ask.

If you’re looking for a better way to send these would you rather questions than manually remembering to ask them every time, make Polly a part of your toolkit. Our employee engagement features like polls and surveys give you a simple, organized, and engaging way to ask these fun questions and store the responses for the future.

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