All of your asynchronous workflows connected together seamlessly in Slack.

Sit back and relax as your polls and surveys get automatically distributed based on triggers and/or conditions – the possibilities are limitless.

Slack and Polly

Solutions for developers


Spend more time working, with event-driven surveys automatically delivered

Instead of running a recurring survey that's time-based, you can set it up to be event-driven — automatically send your team a sprint retrospective survey every time the sprint has been closed in Jira.

Slack-based triggers for every workflow imaginable

For every channel join, @mention, new file uploaded, new channel, or any other Slack-based triggers, you can integrate Polly into every part of your Slack workflow.

Polly HR in Slack
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Be in total control of survey triggers with webhook actions

You can set up any workflow imaginable with our API, whether that means connecting to your internal database, integrating Polly with your own service, or you just want more customization out of the polls and surveys that you send.