Are you measuring the performance of your IT Help Desk?

Polly makes it incredibly easy to get a pulse on the health of your IT team all in Slack, where your team works best.

IT Help Desk Hero

Integrations currently supported

Jira Service Desk

How it works

Help Desk

Ticket closes

A ticket has just been resolved within Service Now, Jira Service Desk, or Zendesk, which triggers the survey to send to your customer.

Collect feedback in Slack

With just a one-click poll in Slack, your customers provide a constant feedback loop on how you're servicing them.

Consume and take action

Track how your IT department performs over time: you can drill down by department, individual employees, or ticket tags.

Revolutionize the way you collect feedback on IT support tickets

Service desk feedback

Built for an intuitive Slack experience

With a native Slack look and feel, there's no additional overhead and results in unparalleled response rates compared to existing legacy solutions.

Improve your team's efficiency and impact your bottom line

With a comprehensive dashboard customized to measure your team’s service desk health, you’ll have a better understanding of your users’ pain points and whether your IT team is making the right investments.

4 - Setup in minutes

Set up in minutes, not weeks

Your time is valuable, and we make it easy for you to focus on what truly matters by having a ridiculously simple set up process.

Other Features

1 - Exports


2 - Scheduling

Filter By Metadata

3 - Sampling

Sampling Size

4 - Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

5 - User permissions

Attach Ticket Metadata