Measure the success of your Slack roll-out

Deploying Slack company-wide is no easy feat. Polly can help you drive user adoption with automated NPS polls to capture employee sentiment throughout the process.

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How it works

1 - How it works

Drive faster adoption of Slack with automated NPS check-ins

Slack roolout with Polly

Strategically measure and act on timely feedback

Collect periodic feedback on how your deployment process is going, at scale — and over time. Combine with Slack's workspace analytics to get a comprehensive view of exactly how you can drive deeper product usage and what areas need improvement.

Identify and leverage Slack champions

Your champions have a huge impact on adoption and staying power — and with Polly, we automatically surface Slack enthusiasts via NPS. That way, your champions can help foster collaboration amongst those most resistant to adopt.

NPS Slack rollout

Achieve a seamless and faster adoption of Slack

We help you achieve a successful Slack adoption by identifying who your detractors are, their pain points, and what their biggest hurdles are so you can be proactive and not reactive in your adoption efforts.