Return to work safely and responsibly with pulsing in Slack

 Whether you're keeping your workforce at home or slowly bringing them back to the office, Polly's pulse surveys help you plan and understand on how to best support your workforce in their new way of working.


Frictionless experience in Slack

With an interface built to optimize the user experience in Slack, Polly's pulse surveys are are incredibly lightweight.

No context switching to another web application, or remembering a password, or a clunky user experience. An overall better experience for your team results in an unparalleled participation.



Foster a culture of transparency

Frequent feedback loops provide an open line of communication between the manager and the employees, fostering a culture of trust and feedback.

And with people intelligence captured in real time, managers are in tune with the different needs and challenges of their team. 



Gauge changes in temperature before they become problems

Checking in with your team frequently can help to identify any risks or opportunities in day-to-day work dynamics.

Pulse surveys can also provide a better understanding of your team's week-to-week challenges so you know how to best support them. 

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Gain intelligence on how to move your business forward

Rather than provide just a single datapoint from a snapshot in time, Polly provides continuous insights into your workforce with pulse surveys automated and embedded into the tools you already use.

You no longer have to wait until next year to drive change: with Polly, you can drive change immediately and move your business forward.


Pro Bundle

Starts at $79/mo billed annually

For teams or SMBs of up to 50 users that want to enhance the entire employee experience with pulse surveys, team building games, and more


  • 1 license
  • Pulse surveys
  • Back to work and WFH templates
  • Trend & demographics analysis
  • Trivia game
  • API + webhook access
  • Exports + Google Sheets integration
  • Add up to 500 participants for an additional cost

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Pulsing for Enterprises

Custom pricing

For larger organizations (500+) that want to run company-wide pulse surveys and additional support and security services

Everything in Pro, plus: 

  • Custom number of authors 
  • Unlimited participants
  • Premiere support 
  • Enterprise admin dashboard
  • Custom data retention policy
  • Onboarding services

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