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75 “This or That” Questions to Help Your Team Connect

These 75 “this or that” questions can break up a long meeting, inspire some laughs, and help team members get to know each other. Let’s get started.


This or that questions: different team members with different questionsMost of us have played a game of “this or that” before. This simple game of choosing your favorite option might feel out of place at work, but it’s actually a useful tool to help you bring people together, get to know each other, and have fun together. 

In this article we’ll explore: 

Let’s take a closer look at the simple game of “this or that” and how it can help you get to know your team members better. 

Why "this or that" questions help employee engagement

Like a fun game of “would you rather?” or hot takes, “this or that” is a mini social game that works well in so many different situations. From an icebreaker at a meeting to meet the new hire, to a “this or that” of the day in your #watercooler Slack channel, these questions help you connect, laugh, and explore new topics. 

"This or that" questions are an excellent way to: 

  • 👟 Kick off a meeting
  • 😊 Break up long meetings 
  • 👋 Support team building and connection
  • 😄 Boost employee morale
  • 🗨️ Engage with your team members
  • ✔️ Improve employee satisfaction 
  • 🚲 Get to know the people you work with
  • 🎮 Add some fun to your work day

Work doesn’t have to be serious all day. Use a game of “this or that” to sprinkle some joy into your work week and bring your team members closer together — even if they strongly disagree on which is the better option. 

75 engaging "this or that" questions to try with your team

This or that questions: team asking each other questionsAsking the question is easy, it’s coming up with the right “this or that” question that can be challenging. Use these prompts as conversation starters to spark a debate over which is better, or as a lighthearted way to understand more about the people you call your team. 

📺 Entertainment "this or that" questions

Everyone has a favorite TV show, music genre, or streaming service. Try these entertainment “this or that” questions to uncover your team members’ preferences. 

1. Netflix or Hulu?
2. Batman or Robin?
3. Disney or Pixar? 
4. Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? 
5. Die Hard or Top Gun? 
6. Rom-coms or horror? 
7. Stranger Things or Dark? 
8. Folk or Rap music? 
9. Taylor Swift or Adele? 
10. K-pop or J-pop?


🍟 Food and drink "this or that" questions

Food is often a subject that divides us or brings us closer together through a shared love of weird food combinations. See which of your team members are coffee lovers, and who prefers tea, with these food and drink themed “this or that” questions. 

11. Ice cream or donuts?
12. Tacos or pizza?
13. Soda or water?
14. Waffles or pancakes?
15. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
16. Iced coffee or matcha tea?
17. Hot dogs or hamburgers? 
18. Appetizers or desserts?
19. Pie or cake?
20. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
21. McDonald’s or Taco Bell?
22. Milkshakes or hot cocoa?
23. Bagels or croissants?


🏈 Hobbies and interests "this or that" questions

Team having a meetingKnowing whether a team member prefers mini golf or ax throwing is very telling! Ask these “this or that” questions to discover what your team members prefer when it comes to their free time.  

24. Board games or card games?
25. Video games or arcade games?
26. Escape room or murder mystery party?
27. Mini golf or ax throwing?
28. Amusement parks or water parks?
29. Roller coasters or flat rides?
30. Cardio or weight training?
31. Running or swimming? 
32. Hiking or kayaking? 
33. Baking or cooking?
34. Crafting or painting?


📱 Technology "this or that" questions

Most of us are bought into one or more technology brands, or have a fondness for a certain games console. Explore people’s technology and social media favorites with these “this or that” questions. 

35. Apple or Android?
36. New phone or keep existing?
37. PC gaming or console gaming?
38. Playstation or Xbox?
39. Instagram or TikTok?
40. YouTube or Twitch? 
41. Photographs or video content?
42. Virtual reality or 2D? 
43. Digital note taking or paper? 
44. Digital hoarder or super organized?


🏝️ Travel "this or that" questions

2 people with questionsReady to explore the world, or do you prefer home comforts? Get to know everyone’s travel must-haves and preferences by making them choose between these options. 

45. Travel solo or with a best friend?
46. Hawaii or the Caribbean?
47. Paris or Rome?
48. New York City or Los Angeles?
49. Road trip or fly?
50. 4 am flight or redeye?
51. Drive yourself or call a cab?
52. City tours or beach days?
53. Hire a guide or explore on your own?
54. See the world or stay closer to home? 
55. Camp or glamp?


🖥️ Work style "this or that" questions

Some people enjoy writing reports, while others will do anything to avoid them. Steer the conversation towards understanding people’s working preferences with these work style themed “this or that'' questions. 

56. Slack or Microsoft Teams?
57. Zoom or Google Meet?
58. Phone calls or video calls?
59. Short meetings or long meetings?
60. Start early or finish late?
61. Clear desk or cluttered and cozy?
62. Music on or off?
63. Lunch at your desk or somewhere else?
64. Work from home or in a coworking space?
65. Virtual or in-person meetups?
66. Laptop or desktop?


⭐ Random "this or that" questions 

Some of the best “this or that” questions don’t fit into any one category. Try a few of these to get to know your team members a little better. 

67. Piercings or tattoos?
68. Stick shift or auto?
69. Cats or dogs?
70. Summer or winter?
71. Catch the sunrise or the sunset?
72. Be the performer or the audience?
73. Introvert or extrovert?
74. City living or the suburbs?
75. Karaoke or dance contest?


Play “this or that” with your team with Polly

Playing a game of “this or that” is as simple as asking a question out loud at a meeting, but it’s not always easy to be consistent. Make “this or that” a regular part of your team culture by posing the questions directly through your team chat app — with the help of Polly. 

It’s easy to create your own “this or that” polly within Slack or Microsoft Teams. Follow the simple wizard to author your polly, add your two options, and send the questions or schedule them for another time. Encourage your team members to take part, and share the results within the channel.

What’s great about playing your questions game this way is that it’s more inclusive. Your team members can share their thoughts without speaking up, whenever it’s most convenient for them. It’s a fun way for remote teams to connect across time zones. 

Have more fun at work with "this or that" questions

Use these “this or that” questions to help you scale up your employee engagement in the workplace. They’ll help everyone figure out people’s preferences, understand their favorite shows or foods, and connect in a new way. 

When you’re ready to introduce more social games to your team, make Polly your co-pilot. Our employee engagement features let you not only share fun questions and pollys, but connect with your team through employee awards, icebreakers, team check-ins, and more. Discover how Polly can help you improve your employee engagement experience.


Try Polly for free to instantly improve your employee engagement.

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