George Dickson - February 12, 2020 -
9 Min Read

Is your company culture increasing employee motivation?

Is Your Company Culture Increasing Employee Motivation?

Company culture can be a potent source of motivation for your team or an equally powerful obstacle to it. Where does yours land, and how can you improve it?

Nhi Nguyen - February 07, 2020 -
4 Min Read

An update to Polly for Slack pricing + looking ahead to 2020

Since launching pricing plans back in March 2018, we’ve learned a lot about how you integrate Polly in your daily work. From small and simple use cases to large and complex, our pricing was meant to serve all the various ways you use Polly.


As it turns out, our pricing wasn’t always simple or straightforward for every team – especially as the needs and size of the team scaled in usage. Our mission is to make it radically easier for all teams to measure and act on the knowledge that drives their work – and in order to make that a reality, we needed to simplify our pricing to reflect how our users use our product day in and day out.

George Dickson - January 29, 2020 -
13 Min Read

12 Questions to Ask Employees in Your Monthly Meetings

Successful leaders and organizations recognize the irreplaceable value of employee feedback and insights -- but it’s not always clear what to look for, how and when to gather those insights, or how to apply what you’ve gathered.

Don’t worry -- that’s what this guide is all about. 

George Dickson - January 22, 2020 -
12 Min Read

A Busy Slack Admin's Guide to Security

Is your Slack workspace secure?

Slack and other cloud-based collaboration tools make getting work done faster, more efficient, and often more enjoyable; however, new and revolutionary ways of working also require new considerations for both conduct and security.

Nhi Nguyen - January 15, 2020 -
8 Min Read

8 Ways Employee Feedback Helps Define a Positive Company Culture

All companies possess their own unique workplace culture that shapes how things get done, how employees interact with one another, and how people behave. It’s a combination of the values, beliefs, vision, systems, and habits that an organization and its members share. But how do you ensure that culture is positive and authentic?

George Dickson - December 20, 2019 -
12 Min Read

Communicating in Slack: a Quick Reference Guide

Slack forever changed the way we communicate and collaborate at work. Like many groundbreaking tools, it continues to present a host of unique opportunities, but also some new challenges.

So how do you get the most out of Slack while navigating its challenges? We’ve boiled it down to six major functional areas every Slack user should learn.

Nhi Nguyen - October 22, 2019 -
3 Min Read

Introducing an enhanced Standup experience, made possible by a complete Polly in Slack makeover

Commonly used in product development teams, daily standups can help any team get in alignment while working towards a common goal or deliverable. Here at Polly, we’re strong advocates of using daily standups (or daily check-ins) as a way to get a quick pulse on your team’s progress day-to-day.

George Dickson - August 22, 2019 -
19 Min Read

23 Simple New Employee Survey Questions You'll Be Happy You Asked

Everyone wants to know they're a valued member of the team, and thoughtful new employee surveys are a simple, yet potent way to confirm that value and esteem from the earliest stages of employment on.

George Dickson - June 12, 2019 -
6 Min Read

Meet Your Brand New Results Feed and Get Automated!

With a newly improved authoring experience and Series A investment, this has already been a big year at Polly HQ -- but we’re just warming up. There’s still a lot more to get excited about!

Nhi Nguyen - February 13, 2019 -
5 Min Read

New year, new Polly: updated authoring experience in Slack, image polls, and more

With Slack's Developer Platform launching Block Kit today, a new design framework that give Slack apps (like us) more visual flexibility and more control over message layout structure, it was a no-brainer that we wanted to utilize these new features to build a more interactive and visually rich Polly experience in Slack.

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