Nhi Nguyen - March 18, 2018 -
2 Min Read

Visualize your data with chart types and trend lines

Introducing historical trends and charts

Measuring trends over time is a crucial part of running any recurring poll or survey – it helps to uncover insights into the effectiveness of your initiative, or the sentiments of your team over time, that you wouldn't be able to see from a single view. It also eliminates the time spent actually creating these charts yourself, when they're readily available within your Polly web app dashboard. Plus, we think the charts and trend lines are visually appealing :) along with making your data more easily digestible, of course.

Nhi Nguyen - March 18, 2018 -
5 Min Read

Your data just got richer with CSV exports

Introducing data export capabilities 

When you're running a large employee engagement survey with an audience of several hundred people with a series of questions you need to analyze, it becomes cumbersome to have to sift through each of the questions and manually enter them into an Excel spreadsheet in order to analyze your results. As teams started moving some of their important survey workflows into Slack with Polly, there suddenly became a large need to be able to export poll or survey data for additional data manipulation or advanced analysis, depending on the team's organizational need.

Nhi Nguyen - February 28, 2018 -
3 Min Read

Collaborating with Google Cloud to bring in polling for Hangouts Chat public launch

Almost a year after the announcement of the Hangouts Chat beta that a targeted set of G Suite users had access to, we're so thrilled to announce that Polly has teamed up with the folks over at G Suite to bring forth a simple polling integration for the official public launch of Hangouts Chat.

Nhi Nguyen - January 16, 2018 -
7 Min Read

5 workflows you should measure to supercharge your team in 2018

With the new year comes lots of new and exciting changes to the Polly product! We've been working hard in 2017 to bring forth the necessary improvements to existing functionality and entirely new features that all have the common goal to help you be even more productive and efficient in 2018.

Nhi Nguyen - December 01, 2017 -
4 Min Read

The Best Way to Discuss and Share Employee Survey Results

Using surveys to solicit employee feedback has long been a part of sound management practice, but the way surveys are conducted has changed over time as workplace communication and the state of survey technology have changed. Until recently, email was the dominant communication tool in the workplace, and online survey tools represented the predominant method of feedback collection. Today, however, email has given way to more efficient cloud-based communication and collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, and new survey technology has also emerged that is better suited to a cloud-based paradigm. Here are some best practices for conducting, sharing, and discussing employee survey results in today’s workplace using current technology.

Nhi Nguyen - November 28, 2017 -
9 Min Read

Employee communiciation matters: how to adapt and improve your employee communication practices

We had mentioned in the previous post with the infographic that there's work to be done to improve employee communication. But where exactly do you start? Before diving into the rest of this article, ask yourself the following questions to determine if your organization’s employee communication practices are conveying clear strategies that engage your employees:

Nhi Nguyen - November 28, 2017 -
1 Min Read

8 Surprising Stats That Show Employee Communication Counts More Than Ever (Infographic)

It’s 9:25am on a Friday and Sally Korprit, a hard-working, high-producing account executive is preparing for a meeting with a top prospect. As an over-achieving millennial, Sally is stressing over an email she received where the prospect inquired about a function that he says is a critical decision factor in his purchase. She sends an urgent Slack message to her product manager to confirm the feature for the sale.

Nhi Nguyen - October 31, 2017 -
6 Min Read

What can you really measure with an employee survey?

Employee surveys are an essential tool for any organization. Surveys can help your company gain valuable insight and critical feedback that benefits your business, employees and even your bottom line.

Nhi Nguyen - October 24, 2017 -
5 Min Read

The Real Value Behind Employee Morale Surveys

If you think employee morale surveys are just another gimmick, think again.

Nhi Nguyen - October 19, 2017 -
5 Min Read

4 ways to use Polly for your everyday workflows

In today's modern workplace, there exists a lot of friction that doesn't exactly affect our productivity in a positive way. This overload of apps and frictions to our productivity have pushed for a new way of working that addresses the mess of having to jump between different apps and email, on top of not having full visibility into what everyone is doing. Silo is being slashed across departments as critical day-to-day apps are easily integrated into these workplace hubs and employees aren't working in complete isolation anymore.

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