Nhi Nguyen - October 31, 2017 -
6 Min Read

What can you really measure with an employee survey?

Employee surveys are an essential tool for any organization. Surveys can help your company gain valuable insight and critical feedback that benefits your business, employees and even your bottom line.

Nhi Nguyen - October 24, 2017 -
5 Min Read

The Real Value Behind Employee Morale Surveys

If you think employee morale surveys are just another gimmick, think again.

Nhi Nguyen - October 19, 2017 -
5 Min Read

4 ways to use Polly for your everyday workflows

In today's modern workplace, there exists a lot of friction that doesn't exactly affect our productivity in a positive way. This overload of apps and frictions to our productivity have pushed for a new way of working that addresses the mess of having to jump between different apps and email, on top of not having full visibility into what everyone is doing. Silo is being slashed across departments as critical day-to-day apps are easily integrated into these workplace hubs and employees aren't working in complete isolation anymore.

Nhi Nguyen - October 12, 2017 -
6 Min Read

Best Practices for Meaningful Employee Satisfaction Questions

Employee satisfaction plays a critical role in any business. Employees who are happy and satisfied are more productive and motivated, which can lead to a positive working environment. However, a recent report of 5,000 U.S households discovered that only 45% of employees were satisfied with their job, demonstrating a significant reduction in satisfaction levels over the past two decades.   

Nhi Nguyen - October 05, 2017 -
4 Min Read

Employee Engagement Surveys: 8 Questions Your Employees Crave

Consistent employee engagement surveys matter

Surveying employees regularly is an ideal way to find out if everyone on your team is satisfied in their position. Because at the end of the day, satisfied employees are engaged employees. And engaged employees are the employees that will help your business or brand reach the success that you dream of. Employee engagement surveys are also an opportunity for a company to implement strategies that will provide the foundation for a positive working environment that employees will thrive in.

Nhi Nguyen - September 28, 2017 -
4 Min Read

Closing the gap on Slack surveys and polls with templates & dialogs

Polly is bringing polling and surveys to the next level in Slack

Let's imagine that you're in your Slack team's engineering channel and everyone just got a poll asking for feedback on the most recent Sprint Retrospective meeting -- but none of the options the author has given you are on par with your opinions and there is no easy way to add comments, answer open-endedly, or add in your option without being booted off to the web interface.

Nhi Nguyen - September 28, 2017 -
4 Min Read

Slack Dialogs prove why investing in exceptional user experience is important

Why small things like dialogs matter in user experience

When one of the few important attributes to Slack's large success can be boiled down to an exceptional, near-perfect execution of their product, the small pieces that make up the product matter a lot. It's not rare to have a pretty good, or even really good product, but that alone is no longer satisfactory for the ever-evolving needs users have towards products that they use every day. To give you an example -- marketers have an average of 65 apps in use per enterprise organization. With that many applications to manage their workflows and processes, there's less tolerance towards small user experience frustrations and higher expectations of meeting what the user needs. While there are a lot of other factors that play into Slack's overall success, a large and very important part of it is the design of the product.

Samir Diwan - July 11, 2017 -
3 Min Read

We’ve reached the inflection point for bottom-up software adoption in the enterprise

Slack isn’t just an example of successful bottom-up adoption, it’s also a catalyst that is making it easier for other SaaS companies to do the same thing.

Samir Diwan - April 11, 2017 -
3 Min Read

What's on the menu today for Polly?

At Polly, our mission is to change the culture of polls and surveys at the workplace. And we’re doing this by providing a solution that’s for everyone - engineering, sales, support, marketing, and others - not just HR.  Almost 2 years ago we launched our first version of Polly for Slack and set the company on a course to achieve this mission.

Samir Diwan - March 14, 2017 -
4 Min Read

Why Microsoft Teams is a big deal

For the first time in the history of software, there is a dedicated distribution channel for developers to easily reach tens of millions of enterprise users. That is a big deal.

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