The need for teams to bond has never been more important


A Live Event

Polly's trivia brings the remote together for a live, interactive event where the team can socialize and have fun!


Engaging Categories

Start the conversation with Video Games, 90s Movies, Music, Cats, and over 40 other categories!  


Conversation Starters

Marketing vs. Sales vs. HR?  Split up into teams or play every person for themselves and let the trash-talking begin.


Trivia Tuesdays

Bring the team together regularly with weekly trivia lunches or happy hours.


Custom Trivia

We're always taking community suggestions and you can import your own trivia questions (coming soon)!


How it works

1. Start a game. Pick a category, a channel to run the game and hit start. Polly will post the first question in 60 seconds!

2. Answer trivia questions. Polly will post questions one-by-one, and contestants will have 30-60 seconds to answer. Correct answers are revealed when time's up, and Polly will post the next question until we go through all 10 questions.

3. Crown a winner. Polly will keep score and  announce the winners at the end. Pick a new category and start another game!

Play a Game!


Pro Plan

$79/mo billed annually

For small companies or teams that want a full social + productivity toolkit to engage their remote team


  • 1 license
  • Trivia game
  • Employee Awards game
  • Hot Takes game
  • Games of up to 50 people
    (+ $30/mo for each additional 50 people)

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Starting at $499/mo

For organizations that want to unlock games for every user in their Slack workspace or grid


  • Unlimited hosts
  • Unlimited participant size
  • Data retention policy
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Custom add-ons


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Who is a host and what is their role?

A host is anyone that can start a trivia, employee awards ceremony, or hot takes game. If you want other people in your workspace/grid to start their own games, you can always add them as a Host in your billing settings.

Can anyone start a trivia game?

You'll need to have a paid license to start a trivia game. If you want to unlock games across your entire workspace, contact our sales team, we can get you set up across your entire workspace or grid.

What does it mean if the player limit is set to 50?

A Polly Trivia game will only capture the first 50 responses when there is a player limit of 50 set. Contact our sales team to request a higher limit.

Are you adapting to the needs of remote work?

Explore some of the other features in our Remote Essentials package

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