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How do I add or remove a teammate as a Polly administrator? Page You'll need to contact us so we can do it for you...
How do I create anonymous polls? Page After creating a poll with the /poll command, choose the ‘Anonymous Voting’ option. When this option is enabled, no one will know the voters identity, not even the author.
Controlling your poll as the author Page After successfully creating a poll, you’ll get a direct message allowing you to control some aspects of your poll. Here is what these buttons do: Delete: this will delete the poll. You’ll get a chance to confirm your selection Send a Reminder: If the...
Authoring a poll Page Use the /poll command in Slack
How do I close a poll? Page To close a poll, go to your DM channel with Polly in Slack. After you created that poll, you should have seen a set of controls, including a button to close the poll. Once you close the poll, the poll will update to state it...
How do I create recurring polls with more than 1 question? Page First create a single recurring question, then add you'll be able to add more questions to it right after.
How do I create a recurring poll? Page Use the /polly command in Slack to start creating a recurring poll
How do I delete or edit a poll? Page Use /poll delete
Quickstart Guide for Polly in Slack Page Use the /poll or /polly command to start a poll
Installing Polly Page Hit the Add Polly to Slack button on our website.
How do I let users vote on more than 1 option? Page After creating a poll with the /poll command, untick the ‘Max 1 vote’ option. When this option is disabled, users can vote for as many options as they want.
How does commenting work? Page How to add comments Users can add a comment by clicking on the “Add Comment” button at the bottom of every poll. For most polls, Polly will direct you to comment on the web. Public vs Private Comments When authroing a poll, you...
Submit poll to channel or via DM? Page There are a couple of ways you can publish a poll, submitting to the channel, and submitting via a DM Submit to channel: publishes the poll to the channel that you are in. For casual, social, and polls where data is generally meant to be...
Explanation of the different poll options Page Use the /poll command in Slack
Poll a private channel Page Invite the bot to the channel first, then try using /poll
How do reminders work? Page After you author a poll, you should get a direct message from Polly giving you some controls on the poll. If you click on the send reminder button, it will do one of two things depending on the poll type. * If the poll was...
I'm having trouble re-installing Polly Page You are being auto-signed in to your Polly account. Sign out, then re-install Polly.
How do I rename my bot? Page Go to, choose Polly, and rename the bot.
How do I schedule a poll for the future? Page That option isn’t currently available right now, but it’s on our roadmap! If you really really need this, please reach out to us and we’ll see if we can speed it up!
Can Polly read the history of the channel? Page Your history and future messages are safe from us.
Does Polly read or store my team's messages from Slack? Page No
How do I stop or remove a recurring poll? Page Use the /poll recurring command
How do I track employee engagement or team happiness? Page Direct Message Polly with the word 'help' to get started
What is a recurring poll? Page Recurring polls are polls that repeat on a set interval (i.e. every week), allowing you to track trends within your team.
Create a quick yes/no poll Page Use the /yesno command in Slack